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Children are prone to losing their possessions at school. Coats, hats and school items can sometimes end up lost, never to be found again. This is why it is so important to label your children's items.

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Alice was excited for her first day of school; Rushing with her backpack through the crowd, she accidentally bumped into Sophie, scattering both of their belongings all over the floor! After quickly picking up their stuff, they headed to class. While preparing for PE, Alice noticed the peach water bottle in her bag wasn't hers. Despite searching her locker and lost property, her favourite bottle was still missing.

During PE class, she spotted Sophie with a peach water bottle, and Alice realised that they must have exchanged bottles earlier. Alice asked Sophie if she could see the bottle as Alice remembered that her mum had attached a name label to all of her school belongings. Her face lit up when she saw her label attached to her peach bottle! In retrospect, kids school labels go a long way.

Why personalised school labels are essential

Here are the 4 main reasons for adding labels to your child's item's and clothing:


We cannot blame our kids for losing or misplacing their belongings in the chaotic school environment. This is because it is difficult for children to keep track of all of the different items that are required for all of their different classes. Additionally, many school items such as stationery, school uniforms and shoes look very similar, especially to kids. Considering this, adding a personalised and highly visible name label to all of your child's belongings will make it much easier for them to keep track of and find their lost items.


Adding name labels to your child’s belongings teaches children responsibility and organisation from a young age. In addition, it is quite common for children to neglect mundane school items as these belongings are not very interesting for our kids. However, by adding a colourful personalised label with your child’s choice of icons, backgrounds and fonts to their items, a sense of ownership is instilled decreasing the likelihood that they will misplace their items.


Kids labels for school are a definite cost cutter for the school year. We all know how costly school equipment and uniforms are nowadays. In fact, the average cost of all back-to-school items per year is 1,478.53 AED! From our research, a lost item with a name label attached is 50% more likely to be returned to its rightful owner and 70% of all labelled items are returned within only 24 hours! Therefore, to prevent unnecessary expenditure, name labels are a fun and easy solution.


Teachers frequently waste valuable teaching time attempting to identify which item belongs to which child. To mitigate this distraction from the learning, name labels provide an ideal solution, enabling teachers to avoid confusion effortlessly. To do this, My Nametags color stickers are perfect as they can be easily applied to any school item, ranging from pens, bags, shoes, bottles, clothing (on the care label), and more!

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Our personalised colour sticker name tags are exceptionally versatile labels. They are suitable for identifying a wide range of items including toys, stationery and more. To apply them, simply peel them off the backing paper and apply them to the item you want to label. Just make sure that you label the item in a visible place! Also, our colour stickers are not only waterproof, they can go in the washing machine, dryer, dishwasher and microwaves. We are also the only company that sells antimicrobial labels which makes them ideal for use on lunch boxes and water bottles. Choose My Nametags to find the best name labels for school!

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Our custom colour iron-on name labels are the best option if you are looking to label clothing or school uniforms. These labels have a 10-year washing guarantee, they are permanent and they can be applied in seconds. Simply place the iron-on name label onto the area of the garment you want to label, place the provided silicon paper over the label, heat your iron to the maximum temperature for the garment and hold the iron over the paper and the label for 8-10 seconds.

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What parents say about our school name labels

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With all of the fun personalisation options available my kids were so excited to design their labels. The labels are also very durable as they have stayed attached after countless washes. Look no further!


Sarah A

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With three kids in school, it's a relief to know that their belongings won't get lost or mixed up at school. The labels are easy to use and my kids love them. Thank you for providing such a fantastic product I will be sure recommend them.


Melissa T

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Doing our household laundry has never been more organised and stress-free. The quality of these labels is outstanding - they have survived multiple cycles in the washing machine and dryer without fading or peeling.


Emily P

More sticker options:


These stickers are our more discreet labels. These are great for older kids and even adults! Each ministicker is 16x6mm.

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The mini labels are ideal to identify stationery as they come in a set of 175 which means you are able to identify all the pens, pencils, and crayons your child uses in school or daycare. These labels should not, however, be used on clothing. Our ministickers are dishwasher and microwave safe.


These stickers come in different shapes and sizes to give you more variety. Circles, squares, and rectangles all in one set!

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These fun themed stick-on labels are perfect for larger items such as sports equipment, books, drinking bottles, and lunch boxes. Our maxisticker labels can go in the dishwasher, microwave, and washing machine.


help the environment with our labels

Approximately 32% of most clothing and school uniforms are made from polyester, a material known for its recycling challenges. Once polyester is recycled, it loses its strength, making it predominantly a single-use material. This becomes even more concerning as children tend to lose an average of 9 clothing items per school year, resulting in a considerable accumulation of lost garments in landfills. And tragically, the decomposition of the polyester in the lost clothing can take hundreds of years. Thankfully, you can help to prevent this. Simply add a label to your child's clothing, doubling the likelihood of your child's clothing being returned if lost!