Using name labels for school and nursery to identify your children's items

Children are prone to losing their possessions. Coats, hats and even their favourite teddy can sometimes end up lost, never to be recovered again. This is why it is so important to label your children's items.

If you are a teacher or in a parent teacher association, you may want to look at our Teachers/PTA fundraising page.

Labelling is essential for school and nursery

My Nametags school labels on cup in a nursery

Did you know that the average child permanently loses nine items per school year? A My Nametags study revealed that school jumpers, school books, and stationery are the top three most commonly lost children's items. Parents are having to buy replacements for things they have already bought once!

Having to re-buy these items not only has a negative environmental impact but is also a financial worry. This is where personalised school labels come in. Whether your child is at nursery, primary, or secondary school they will have plenty of clothing, toys and school supplies - so many things that can end up lost. Labelling your child’s items is important to ensure that things do not get lost and that if lost are returned.

Name labels for school uniforms & clothing

Clothing and school uniform labels are the solution to ensure your child does not lose their school blazer, jumper or hat. It can also aid you in telling apart your child's clothing from their friends or even between siblings. Personalised iron-on school name tags are perfect for labelling clothes. They are the easiest and quickest uniform labels to apply onto clothing, no need to sew! Iron-on school labels can be ironed directly onto garments in seconds and should stick to clothing for years and not budge.

You may also be able to use some uniform name stickers to identify clothing and school uniforms. However, you must ensure this is the case for the sticker school labels you purchased as not all can be used in this manner. Our My Nametags colour school name labels can be used to label clothing as long as they are applied on the care label, not directly on the fabric.

Labels for school supplies & other items

Labelling school items such as pencils, lunch boxes, water bottles, books and other equipment is incredibly important. The amount of stationery and toys that do not return home because they are lost accounts for not only a financial loss for parents but also a significant amount of waste going into landfill. Parents should not have to buy and re-buy children's items. The use of personalised name tags for school is a fun, colourful and simple way to avoid the loss of these items.

Our ministickers, maxistickers and colour stickers are ideal for labelling school supplies and other items.

Shoe labels

Shoe labels are a great way to ensure your child does not lose a shoe (or two...). You can use sticker labels on the inside of the shoe for this. Larger labels in particular are great for this, like our maxistickers.

Labels for care homes

Why not match your child's name tags to their grandparents personalised labels? If you or a relative are moving into or live in a care home, personalised labels are an excellent thing to have.

Visit our care home page for more information on the use of labels in care homes.

Why My Nametags?

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We want to simplify your life and aim to deliver a versatile, easy to use product. Our name tags are made to be used everywhere by anyone. Namelabels are a fun and colourful solution to avoid losing your possessions as well as help you help the environment.

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