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Decrease lost items,
increase saved time

Personalised school name labels help save teachers' time - no more chasing after lost property. This also helps children and parents distinguish what is their own from what belongs to the other children in the same class. Identifying your children's items will reduce lost property. If you are a parent preparing for your child going to nursery or school, visit our labels for school page where we explain why you need school name labels and which labels fit your child's needs.

Design Your Label

encourage parents to use my nametags labels!

My Nametags Labels are great for everyone involved:

  • For Children: They get to create fun labels.

  • For Parents: No lost items and save money.

  • For Teachers: Less headache for you!

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Perfect for children, school uniforms & equipment

My Nametags' school name labels are perfect for rough everyday school use, and the labels stay on wash after wash. It is easy to fit a house name, pupil number or class on the name tags in addition to their full name and a parent's phone number. Many parents also put the name of the school on their labels, to ensure that lost items are returned to the school.

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What teacher's say

I'm pleased to report that our experience was exceptional from start to finish.


M Hadid

Preschool teacher

Quality products and happy parents. No more lost items!


M Aziz

Preschool teacher

We love to help our parents by suggesting great products.


H Rafiq

Preschool teacher

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Why use My Nametags labels for preschools

My Nametags school name labels are an essential for preschool children, to ensure that their favorite jumpers or teddies make it home. Useful for parents and staff at nurseries, our fun designs also help pre-school children to recognise their own belongings. Nametags are great for bags, jumpers, coats and even shoes.

My Nametags is verified by Parentkind

We are delighted to have been recognised by Parentkind as an Approved Supplier. Parentkind is the UK's leading PTA membership organisation. We are honoured to have received their seal of approval.

You can view My Nametags' verified Parentkind listing here.